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Want the PROVEN Methods to Getting Your Child's Acting Career STARTED TODAY?

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I'd like to rush a FREE copy of my brand new hardcover book to your doorstep, ASAP!

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From: Diana Ivelis Cherubin-Wolfe
Los Angeles, California

Let me know if this happened to you...

As the parent of an outgoing, entertaining and charismatic child, people have told us:

"Your Child Is So Talented! They Should Be On TV"


And so, after hearing it 1000 times, we finally decided we’d get our child started…

We encourage our child to join the school drama club... 

We help them get involved in community theatre productions... 

We search the internet and find local acting classes…

Hoping that maybe they find their love in acting and become this amazing actor with this amazing talent.

And then we WAIT for someone to discover our and give them their BIG BREAK...

Is this what happened to your child? Is that why you’re here?

Or, does your story sound a little bit different?  

Maybe you haven't had the chance to take those steps with your child; or maybe, you thought your child was too young?

Maybe the FEAR of scams has kept you from taking any steps toward getting your child started...

Have you ever thought…
My name is Diana Ivelis, and I'm the author of "Raising A Child Star." I don't think there is anyone on this planet who is totally obsessed with helping parents of child actors navigate the entertainment industry like I am.
Just over 5 short years ago, my family and I moved to Los Angeles from Philadelphia, and as their manager, I didn't know how the LA market worked, but I knew what we did in the New York market worked well for us.

When we arrived, I knew I needed to figure out how to break them in. I didn't have a job and my husband had to head back to Philadelphia to work and support us but California was expensive and our income would only cover our living expenses. Paying for classes and casting platforms would take us over our budget so we needed the auditions to come rolling in.

I needed to make sure my kids were doing what they loved most, what we uprooted our lives for.

To do that, I had to learn how to really  manage their careers.

I couldn't rely on our East Coast agent because they didn't cover the West Coast market. We weren't even under contract with them anymore and hadn't received an audition from them in months.

I had to learn how to do things myself... I had to get strategic. 

One Year And Thousands of Research Hours Later...
That was 4 years ago...

During that time, we almost had to move back to our hometown. 

We had a great start, my kids were auditioning, booking and even had an agent... but suddenly, my husband was forced to retire from his job and lost his income. What the kids were making wasn't enough to get us by and California Law states that the income a child makes is theirs. A parent can not use the child's money for things that they are legally responsible for as a parent, like food and shelter.

We almost lost everything... 

Coming home to eviction notices was scary, but we had faith that it was going to be okay. We continued to network, research and do every audition and self-tape that came in.

Then, I was offered to work as a talent agent because of my knowledge in the industry. I started to understand how things worked behind the scenes and what casting directors were looking for. So I was really able to help my son prepare and perform better for auditions and it paid off tremendously!

Audition after audition and BAM! It finally happened ... 

My son booked his dream roles back to back! A recurring guest star on disney, a co-star role on a network television show, then a series regular role on a hit comedy series that would take over a prime-time slot on CBS! 

Each "secret" I learned would help us to tap deeper into the industry...

What seemed impossible before (breaking into Hollywood), was now a reality. 

Because of the connections we made, our amazing agency and the knowledge we now have, we are still living in Los Angeles four years strong and our children are happier than they have ever been!

My Clients Have Been On........

  • Chapter 1: A.C.T.O.R
Understand auditioning types and the processes behind them. Find out where parents can find auditions for their child without having an agent or manager. Help your child with the most important element of “booking the job” . Learn how to protect your child from contracts that give productions the power to use your child’s likeness forever without paying them extra compensation.
  • Chapter 2: The Whole Package
The ultimate breakdown of what every child needs to successfully start an acting career from scratch! Be ahead of the game and know exactly what talent agents are looking for when taking on new talent—increasing the chances of your child getting representation.
  • Chapter 3: Agent VS. Managers
Many parents believe that their child needs representation in order to start their acting career or book projects. Well, this chapter breaks down who talent agents and managers are and what their role is on your child's team. Learn how you can fill this role until your child gets further into their career.
  • Chapter 4: The Journey
The truth behind how long it takes for actors to become successful and what it means to join the largest union for actors. Find out how your child can qualify for SAG-AFTRA and how it will affect their career.
  • Chapter 5: Sacrifices
Find out about some of the challenges you may face along your journey. Many have questions about how fast their child's career can move and what types of expenses parents can incur while they are supporting their aspirations. This chapter gives those answers as well as provides options for your child's education once they begin to audition and book regularly. 
  • Chapter 6: Overcoming
Get your questions answered about safety precautions you can take to keep your child protected on set. Feel at ease knowing what you can do to prevent what most parents are so fearful about. Quickly get mentally prepared for the unexpected! This industry will provide challenges—what I like to call “opportunities for growth”—but this chapter will help you get confidently prepared for the growth opportunities that are inevitably ahead of your child as long as your family stays the course. 
  • Chapter 7: Let The Path lead You
Relationships in the industry are extremely important. Networking on set can drastically help advance your child's career. Read this chapter and find out how and get inside tips on how to network in the entertainment industry.
  • Chapter 8: There Is No Competition
The real reason behind the “so called” competition that keeps parents from finding their tribe and expanding their child’s opportunities. This chapter holds the key to a successful child actor’s career. 
  • Chapter 9: Lessons Learned
 This chapter will teach you how to avoid costly mistakes that will save you time and money This is one of the most important chapters in this book. 
  • Chapter 10: You Are The Producer Of Their Future
Get secret strategies on how to get your child work even when they don’t have an agent or manager. You can launch your child’s career if you follow the tips in this chapter! Pay close attention! 

Like I mentioned before, this book is $29.99. I will cover the shipping and handling costs for US residents ( International shipping will be an additional $19.99) and we'll send it anywhere in the world! If you would prefer to listen to the audiobook, I also have it for sale for a small fee once you put your details in below...
By filling out this form, you'll also receive email updates, insider acting career tips and offers. Your information will be processed
 in accordance with our Privacy Policy and you can unsubscribe at any time.
It’s free, and just the small cost of shipping!

If you knew how to get your child’s acting career started, you wouldn't need it. This book will show you exactly how to get headshots, find auditions, and successfully navigate the entertainment industry. 

And if you're nervous that you won't be able to afford headshots, demo reels etc.? 

Don't worry, I show you dozens of ways that you can get FREE and low cost help by utilizing what is available to you! Whether you just get your free book, or decide to move forward with 1-1 coaching with me, this WILL work for you!

I care about helping as many parents as possible, to help make their child’s dream a reality! I’ll rush you a free hardcover copy to your doorstep starting today! 

I’ve already paid for it, all I ask you to do is to cover the shipping and handling costs. 

You could go to Amazon.com and pay $24.95, but right now, I want to send you one for free when you fill out the information on this page! The book has years worth of advice and insight that can save you money, time and headaches! What working parent has time to spare right?!

Oh, and in case you're wondering...

There Is NO CATCH!

I know there are some websites out there that offer you something cool for free, but then stick you into some program that charges your card every month.

This IS NOT one of them!

There's NO hidden "continuity program" - and in case you're wondering why I'm doing this

Well, there are actually a few reasons...

It's my way of saying thank you for taking the time to support my business and my endeavors!

I remember what it was like! I remember what it felt like to sit at my computer and have no idea where to start (other than googling ‘How To Be An Actor.’ It is daunting when you’re just getting started, and there is so much information out there. I wanted to create what I needed years ago!
Here's why...

We only have limited copies of this book and this deal can’t last forever! We've this exclusive offer to have your copy of Raising A Child Star shipped to you for free ninety nine can’t last forever! The information is too valuable to keep this promotion going, but while it lasts, it’s going to help so many people who can’t afford to waste precious time through trial and error! 

If this page is still here, then the offer is still live. 
I 100% guarantee that you'll love this book, or I'll return your $29.99 and let you keep the book anyway.

That's right. You don't even have to send anything back. Just email me or call the number on your receipt and I'll give you back your money with no question asked.

Sound fair?

From one parent to another, we are in this together. I’ve got your back, and you can trust that the advice I share with you is always coming from a genuine place of wanting all our children to succeed. 

They got this. Let’s help them light up our screens!
        By filling out this form, you'll also receive email updates, insider acting career tips and offers. Your information will be processed
 in accordance with our Privacy Policy and you can unsubscribe at any time.
Thanks for your interest and taking the time to read this letter. I hope you enjoy the book!

In case you're one of those people who skips to the end, here's  what you will get today:)

I'm mailing you my 178-page book, "Raising A Child Star" - A Guide to Navigating the Entertainment Industry for Parents of Child Actors (that retails at $29.99) for FREE. Yes, this book is free, and all you pay is $9.95 US or $19.95 International anywhere in the world.

There's no catch... no gimmicks... You will NOT be signing up for any "trial" to some monthly program or anything like that.

If fact, if you don't love the book - I'll even refund your shipping costs (and you don't have to ship the book back).

So, Click the button below to get your copy now. You won't regret it.

By filling out this form, you'll also receive email updates, insider acting career tips and offers. Your information will be processed
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I'd like to rush a FREE copy of my brand new hardcover book to your doorstep, ASAP!

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